Some Hidden Facts About Musandam Tours

Musandam Tour- Here Is What You Should Know About Musandam is a great hill area in Oman that attracts tourists worldwide. It is famous for marine life and is also called home to dolphins. When you are ready to go on a Musandam tour, you must be prepared to enjoy everything the place offers. This region offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and marine life in the Arab Gulf Peninsula. You can enjoy stunning ocean views during your Musandam tour and excellent stops to explore villages off the beaten path. It is also a great place to visit for a day of fun in the sun and sand. Jebel al Harim: Getting to the Musandam region can be a challenge. It is located in the mountains and requires a 4WD vehicle. The best way to get around this area is to take a guided tour. These experts will know where to find the most beautiful views and fossils. If you can’t get out and hike yourself, traditional dhow cruises take you through the Musandam peninsula. The Musandam region is often called the Norway of the Middle East. Petroglyphs: Petroglyphs are fascinating rock art images chipped out of mountaintop boulders and cave walls thousands of years ago. Some of the ancient figures here depict animals and people, geometric patterns, and abstract symbols. The art is still well preserved and is a unique sight to behold. During your trip to Musandam, you'll be able to explore the area by dhow. It's comfortable seating, great scenery, and panoramic views give you a wonderful insight into the incredible landscape of this region. There are also opportunities to snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters. The tour also includes a buffet lunch and snorkeling equipment, ensuring you have a great time on this unique tour. Camping on the beach: If you are looking for a weekend getaway from Dubai, you must check out Musandam. The region is full of fascinating marine life and great landscapes. This is an ideal weekend getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers. You can stay on the beach in Khasab or at hotels close to the city. If you are on a budget, try the 3-star Diwan Al Amir Hotel.

Visiting Musandam is a great way to see dolphins and other sea life. Its warm waters are home to colorful fish and corals, and the warm weather attracts dolphins worldwide. Dolphins can be seen in several places on the Musandam peninsula, including on a dhow cruise. Visitors should follow guidelines and safety procedures when watching dolphins and whales. Before booking Khasab Musandam tours from Dubai, you must read this article. 

Musandam is an Omani enclave:

The Omani enclave of Musandam was once a British colony. Until 1979, it remained separate from the rest of the country. However, the Sultanate of Oman granted Musandam its independence in 1979, giving it a budget and a government of its own. In addition, telephones, radio, and television were introduced to the enclave, and an airport was built.

It is a Portuguese colony:

Musandam tours can provide a fascinating look at the country’s history. The region was once isolated from the rest of the region and was conquered by Portuguese troops in the 16th century. The Portuguese built colonial buildings and maintained tight control of the region. However, with the introduction of the UAE, the city was able to build its infrastructure and attract more tourists. It now boasts several attractions you may want to see during Musandam tours.

It has all-inclusive packages:

If you want the most out of your Musandam tour, consider going on an all-inclusive package. You’ll enjoy all meals, hotel stays, and guides, as well as all your excursions. The trip is ideal for families, young people, and couples of all ages.

It has fishing and water activities:

While in Musandam, you can enjoy water activities like fishing and snorkeling. You can also ride a boat and see dolphins playing in the water. Dolphins are one of the most beautiful large marine fish in the world and are very friendly to humans. The most popular dolphin sightings are in the Khasab region of Oman.

It has petroglyphs:

Petroglyphs are ancient rock art images, and Musandam has an unusually rich collection. These rock carvings were chipped from boulders and cave walls and painted with coral white pigment. Many ancient images depict people and animals, while others show geometric patterns and abstract symbols.