History behind the traditional three tiered wedding cake

History behind the traditional three tiered wedding cake

The one thing for sure is that your wedding is just around the corner or even if it isn’t, it has never hurt to know a slice of history which is just as delicious as the present itself (pun intended!). You must have seen a lot of wedding cakes and often wonder what is behind the three tier look and shrugged off the thought thinking it is just for the sake of the look and the tradition which they are following, but where did this tradition even emerge from? To be honest, there is a lot that most people don’t know about it.

Let’s dive into the history of the cakes and see where this yummy tradition emerged from:

As you must have guessed, each tier cake has its own significant meaning. The three tiers have been selected very carefully and represent a different thing. To start off, the last tier or the base tier of the cake is the largest and it is for the cutting ceremony after which the couple and the intimate guests are supposed to eat. The second tier or the middle one is for the guests to be served in.

The first tier of the cake has a rather different and significant use. The first tier is to add up to the height of the cake and the couple is supposed to kiss above the cake. If the kiss is successful without the cake tumbling down or crumbling up then the couple will be blessed and their future would be secure. But the first and the smallest tier have another different purpose which includes a child.

It was believed that the first cake is supposed to be stored and eaten when the first child is born. Because in the previous centuries, kids were expected soon after the marriage then storing a fruit cake didn’t seem to be such huge of a problem. But as the time went by and couples started planning kids later in life, the cake was then preserved for the first anniversary to cherish the previous memories.

As strange as it may sound, cakes in Dubai are still being made this way and the couple who buys them is oblivious to the reason. Because in the end the reasons may not matter as we all are here to enjoy the lovely moment of delicious cake being cut.

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