Common Terms Used In Digital Marketing

Common Terms Used In Digital Marketing

In today’s digital marketing world, there are numerous terms and strategies used to improve the success of your business. By using these terms in digital marketing in Dubai, you can achieve your business goals effectively. These include Lead generation, email automation, personalization, and cross-channel marketing. Knowing what each means will help you make the most of your marketing budget. Here are a few terms you need to know:

Lead generation:

The process of converting website visitors to leads involves creating an online form that asks visitors to provide contact information. There are many different lead generation tactics available, but all have one thing in common: website visitors need to be interested in your product or service to give you their contact information. They must also be offered a compelling incentive, known as a ‘lead magnet,’ to convince them to submit their information.

Cross-channel marketing:

The idea behind cross-channel marketing is to reach your customers where they are – online and offline. This way, your brand will be front and center in your prospects’ minds. However, the best way to achieve this goal is to be consistent across all channels. Creating a unified experience will help you attract customers and keep them.

Email automation:

Email automation helps marketers sync their business activities with a customer’s buying cycle. By scheduling promotional emails, marketers can send relevant messages when a customer is likely to need a product. For example, a customer who buys bleach once a month can be automatically notified to receive a promotional email four weeks after their last purchase.


Personalization is a key part of digital marketing, and it helps organizations connect with their customers on a personal level. Personalized web pages can enhance customer loyalty and increase conversion rates. It’s an increasingly popular strategy – 88 percent of consumers expect brands to personalize their experiences. However, many brands fail to deliver on this expectation.


Digital marketing KPIs should help marketers measure the success of their campaigns. The first step in establishing these KPIs is to identify and set goals. Some KPIs are related to the overarching business goal, such as conversions, while others are channel-specific. Most organizations need to focus on both types of KPIs, though. For example, your primary goal should be to drive traffic to your website, but you can also measure your success in generating more leads and sales via other channels.