What’s Part Of A Full Car Service?

What’s Part Of A Full Car Service?

If you are thinking of visiting a Porsche service center in Al Quoz, you may be wondering what you should expect. Full service should include a variety of procedures, including an oil change, replacement of the air filter, fluid top-ups, and an extensive check of your car’s systems. Skimping on these processes can lead to a breakdown in the future, resulting in higher repair costs.

Engine oil:

A full car service schedule includes many parts of the car maintenance, such as regular oil changes and fluid checks. The type of oil you choose will depend on your car’s age and mileage. In general, it’s important to keep your car’s engine lubricated with high-quality oil that has the correct viscosity and temperature rating.

Automatic transmission fluid:

Depending on your vehicle, there are different types of automatic transmission fluid available in the market. While some are made by the manufacturer, such as GM, others are made by the aftermarket. These non-certified fluids may come at a lower cost. However, you should note that they do not carry a license number that the vehicle manufacturer identifies on the product label.

When it comes to changing the automatic transmission fluid, you should make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. The recommended service interval depends on the type of transmission you have and the driving conditions you experience. In normal conditions, a car’s transmission fluid should last for around 30,000 miles. However, if you drive on rough or icy roads, it may be necessary to replace the fluid sooner.

Power steering fluid:

You can easily check your power steering fluid level at home. You can locate the reservoir under the hood, which is usually on the passenger side. There will be an identifying cap on the reservoir. You can also use a dipstick to check the fluid level. In general, you should see fluid above the MIN line.

Wiper blades:

Wiper blades are an essential part of your car’s maintenance. They help keep your windshield clear of debris and ensure that you can see the road clearly during a rainstorm. Your wiper blades need to be changed regularly to ensure they’re still performing at their best.

Transmission box:

In automotive applications, a transmission box houses a series of gears. It transfers power from an engine to the wheels and ensures that the right amount of power is delivered to each wheel. When the transmission needs repair or replacement, it is important to get the job done correctly to prevent further damage and breakdown.