Good Things To Know About The Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Good Things To Know About The Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Sharjah Media City freezone is the hub of innovation in the UAE. The free zone is home to world-class media companies dedicated to promoting media and creative industries. It provides various services to attract entrepreneurial talent and promote a community-centered approach to business development. It also offers creative entrepreneurship support and a range of business activities to inspire and help businesses grow. There are a lot of other benefits to locating your business in Sharjah Media City Free Zone. Let’s explore these benefits. 

SHAMS offers a cost-effective business setup process:

SHAMS free zone offers a variety of affordable business setup options for entrepreneurs. Shams can help entrepreneurs get the most out of their business, from shared offices to single desks. Each option offers different benefits and allows entrepreneurs to network with other business owners. A shared office gives entrepreneurs the flexibility of their workspace while providing a shared environment for collaboration.

It is easy to quickly and easily form a business:

The process for SHAMS business setup is quick and easy. There are many benefits to incorporating a business in SHAMS, including 100% ownership and 0% corporate income tax. Additionally, entrepreneurs can register up to six visas with a shared desk facility. This option allows entrepreneurs to carry out several business activities under one license. For example, businesses can engage in media activities, including publishing, programming, and film production, while others can engage in general trading, including sales through markets or stalls.

It is a hub for innovation:

Sharjah Media City free zone offers innovative solutions to emerging and established company’s needs. It is an integrated business hub and has specialized facilities for media, IT, and creative industries. With a unique location between Europe, Asia, and Africa, this free zone allows businesses to tap into markets with more than three billion people.

It allows pre-existing companies to open a branch:

Sharjah Media City free zone (SHAMS) offers pre-existing companies the opportunity to set up a branch within the free zone. The new branch will have its own identity but remain connected to the parent company. This allows the parent company to reap the benefits and expenses of the new branch. The branch will also be eligible to sponsor employees and open a corporate bank account. Both local UAE-based companies and foreign corporations can open a branch in the media city.